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Check out our 2021-2022 season! All episodes can be found wherever you get your podcasts!

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Somewhere Over the Pacific 

by Sabrín Diehl

Somewhere Over the Pacific centers around the private life and disappearance of Amelia Earhart on July 2nd, 1937. Not only did she forever lose signal with planet Earth, but she was also mysteriously zapped into her deepest Sapphic dream, a planet called DykeinLand.

The Changeling

by Emma Kessler

Storytellers determine the values by which we live, and consequently, those values determine what stories get told, again and again. They are a grounding constant for a society in turmoil, and over time, adapt to new circumstances like everything else. But what happens when change is treated not as an opportunity for growth, but as a threat? Enter Bridget Cleary, a young woman struggling to carve her own path in a world that wants her to remain docile. The men in her life are threatened by her conviction and her aunt, Mary Kennedy, can only warn her the cost of retaining her identity. Family and folklore go head to head in Emma Kessler’s ‘The Changeling. 



by Emma Kessler

Truth, Power, Accusation.

Truth is nothing more than a collective acknowledgement - easily hidden, manipulated, and faltered. It is Power that dictates whose truth is actually acknowledged. When the tears of young girls fall and the screams of disgraced matriarchs pierce through cages in lament, whose truth will be recognized? As accusations of witchcraft create a chokehold on a community - the heart and mind of a servant woman, Tituba, begin to clash as she arrives at her one chance of survival. Listen as Truth and Power weave and unravel in “TITUBA” by Emma Kessler.

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