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Who We Are


Emma Lai

Artistic Director

Emma (she/her) is the Artistic Director of Picnic Basket Theatre. She is a Director, Producer, Casting Director, and Playwright. Her passions in theatre include musical theatre, satire, plays about race and family, and new work. Outside of theatre she loves to bake and make coffee! Latest projects include Assistant Directing Radio Golf, directed by Brandon J. Dirden at Two River Theatre and Assistant Directing the world premiere of The Hombres by Tony Meneses at Two River Theatre  (


Rachel Anne Brees

Associate Artistic Director // Sound Supervisor

Rachel (she/her) is the Associate Artistic Director and Sound Supervisor with Picnic Basket Theatre. Her work in theatre traditionally exists within the realm of sound design, audio engineering, and music composition. She has worked with companies such as Ten Thousand Things, Pillsbury House and Theater, Open Eye Figure Theatre, Wonderlust Productions, The Parsnip Ship, and MCC Theater. She also is a Post Production Associate Producer for a series of kids podcasts with American Public Media. She is especially interested in projects that serve a community as well as stories about the queer experience, mental health, and complex family relationships.


Isaac Eggebraaten

Executive Director

Isaac (he/him) is the Executive Director with Picnic Basket Theatre. His work in theatre has primarily consisted of performing in musical theatre along with directing. Off stage, Isaac finds himself working on entrepreneurial ventures focused around technology. Giving back to the community through storytelling is where he finds his purpose. 


Raymond Niu

Company Manager

Raymond (he/him) is the Company Manager of Picnic Basket Theatre. His work in theatre has largely consisted of acting and playing in pit orchestras. Raymond is particularly interested in theatre that challenges our worldview by telling stories from traditionally underrepresented and marginalized cultures. 


Minwoo Kim

Development Director

Minwoo (he/him) is the Development Director of Picnic Basket Theatre. He is interested in theatre that derives from a variety of perspectives and strives to grow and facilitate growth through these productions. He is also an avid tree climber in constant search of the pinnacle climbing tree.


John Patterson

Marketing Director

John (he/they) is the Marketing Director with Picnic Basket Theatre. His work in theatre has primarily consisted of choreography and arts management where he focuses on sharing the stories of underrepresented bodies both physically and virtually. John holds a strong commitment to advocacy which lies in the uplifting and empowerment of underserved voices, and the dismantlement of the systems that prevent growth within these communities.


Julianne Escanan

Production Manager

Julianne (she/her) is the production manager with Picnic Basket Theatre. She has worked in theatre primarily as a pit violinist and music director for musicals and operas. She is especially interested in stories about BIPOC experiences and mental health. Outside of PBT, she is a board-certified music therapist passionate about pediatrics and mental health.

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